Paul’s story – Who is Nush Nush?

Nush Nush looked up at the toilet on tippy claws to try and see the seat.

“Mama, how will I ever be able to use that potty like a big penguin? It’s too tall! I’ll slide right down like when we play on the glaciers.”

Mama smiled and patted him on the head. “It’s OK Nush, when your father gets home he’ll show you a surprise we have for you!”

“OK Mama. Can I go outside and play?”

“Yes, dear, but be home for lunch, ok?”

Nush Nush ran out the door. “OK mama!”


Outside he ran and slid around and came across Lady Walrus, who was sunning herself on the ice. “Hello there Nush Nush, you look excited today.”

“Daddy has a surprise for me to help me use the potty like a big bird! I can’t wait to see it!”

Nush Nush carefully waddled backwards as Lady Walrus rolled over. She looked at him “You’re little in size, but don’t ever let that stop you from learning and trying new things, you hear?”

“I promise Lady Walrus! Thank you!”

Lady Walrus rolled back over and sighed in content.


Nush Nush heard a familiar voice carrying over the ice. “Lunch time!”

Nush Nush rushed towards home.

“Papa! I’m coming!”


Once inside, Nush Nush saw papa taking something out of a box in the bathroom. “What is it papa?”

Papa smiled and waved a flipper. “Come see little buddy!”

Nush Nush waddled over. Papa set a ladder with a seat onto the toilet. “Now you can climb up and use the potty like a big bird!”

“Thanks so much papa!” Nush Nush climbed up and sat on the potty. “It’s so comfy, and now I can use the potty like a big bird, even though I’m still a little bird!”

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