10 Animals Plush Toy Set

Wanna buy a monkey? How about a lion, rhino, zebra, giraffe and a cute puppy to go along with it?

Start your plush toy collection here with Nush Nush’s Animal Plushes.

Are you looking to buy a zoo for yourself and your kids? (Or just yourself? We won’t tell!)

Don’t just tell your child about amazing jungle animals, let them experience them on their own!

Every child loves playing with baby stuffed animals, and our animal plush toy set brings them that magic each time they sit down to play.


Do you need party favors for a birthday or holiday party, family reunion, anniversary party, or a way to thank your customers for their business?

Do you have a school, church or community event or fundraiser coming up and need prizes? Maybe a fun reward for your students for a job well done?


You’ll love our set of 10 plush animals! Nush Nush’s commitment to quality means our plush toys are super soft and durable.

Each animal is approximately 4 to 4.5 inches tall, triple stitched and made from a high-quality plush making each stuffed animal tear-resistant and easy to clean. 

Give your kids a magical experience, whether they’re your students, your children, their friends, your parish, or your whole community an amazing party they’ll all remember for years to come.

Variety Pack – Each small stuffed animal is different and crafted to meet Nush Nush’s high standards. Each set includes an assortment of a Lion, Monkey, Puppy, Zebra, Giraffe, Leopard, Chick, Rhino, Frog and a Tiger.


Size 4-4.5″ inches while sitting, from head to bottom.

Feel – Soft and cuddly, stuffed with ultra-soft filling.

Prices – Premium plush toys at rock-bottom prices.

Safety – All of our products meet US safety standards and are made with the highest sustainability standards we could reach.

Returns – If you are not happy with your product, simply return your 10 pack of stuffed animals and we’ll refund you the full amount or ship a new one for free. No-fuss, no tricks, no fine print; just incredible customer service.


Great for Any Occasion – Perfect as Goody Bag Fillers, Animal Themed Parties decoration, birthday animal party favors, classroom rewards, and carnival prizes.

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