Michelle’s Story – who is Nush Nush?

The mountain looms before me, a task I must embrace, but I cannot!

How will I ever climb this unsurmountable gleaming white behemoth to do what they desire?

Will I forever wallow in my own disgust? Will they not help me do what they ask of me?

Oh, Mount Commode, I cannot climb thee! I will forever be wrapped in these diapers!

She approaches!

“Oh, are you looking at the potty? Are you excited to use it? Go poo poo in the potty like a big kid?”

Why must she mock me so!

“Guess what little Nush Nush, daddy is bringing home something to help!”

What could it be? What aid can they bring me? Any time I feel the urge, I look upon the towering plateau of the seat and in my fear, I release and must get changed. They don’t think I know, but I do. Yet how will I prove to them, my beloved parents, that I can potty as they wish!

I hear him, it’s daddy!

“Hey, guess what, I have something in this box for you!”

That is a large, albeit cute, box, and there’s something, an apparatus, but, I don’t understand what it is.

“I’ll set it up and then you can go potty like a champ! Won’t that be great! Then you won’t fill your pants with p… “

“Dear, just set it up ok?”

“Alright, here is it! Just like that. You’re already climbing everything else, so, here you go!”

Hark, I am saved! It’s so simple. A set of stairs up Mount Commode! And what great timing, I must climb now!

I’ve done it, I’ve reached the summit!

“Hey, that’s great, but you have to take your diaper off first!”

Oh, woe, I am undone!

“It’s OK, next time, for sure!”

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