Best Potty Training Books

One of the most common issues new parents face is that of potty training their toddlers. They can definitely get help from other people in the family who have already had children however these people cannot be available to you at all times. To counter this situation you need to have alternatives for proper guidance. There are many amazing books on the subject that have been written by trusted experts from the field of health and pediatrics.

Everybody Poos By Taro Gomi

Everybody poos is an amazing book that helps children understands that it is completely natural to poo. The book states that all living things on the plant poo whether they are land creatures or marine creatures. The book tells children that it is totally natural to poo and that there is no shame in potty training.

The Perfect Potty Zoo By Agnes Green

Reading the perfect potty zoo to your child can yield multiple benefits. The book illustrates the way 27 different animals, fish and bird go to the potty.   It is a rhyming alphabet book which means that not only does this book help in potty training but it can also help your child in learning more about the alphabets and the animals.

On My Potty By Leslie Patricelli

On my potty is one of the more humorous books on the topic. It follows the story of a toddler who uses the potty for the very first time. It is a wonderful book that is entertaining for both the toddler and the parents.

Where’s The Poop? By Julie Markes

In this book, Julie Markes shows that every living thing has a place to poop. Whether it’s a tiger, an elephant or a kangaroo. You can use this book to tell your child that he/she also has a place to poop. This will encourage the kid to use the potty chair in the future.

All Aboard The Toilet Train: A Noisy Bing Book

This is a perfect book for toddlers who are making a transition from the potty to the big toilet. One of the most unique things about this book is that it is an interactive sound book which means that kids can press the sound button and join in the fun. Reading this book can encourage kids to move away from potty chairs and towards the toilet.

No More Nappies by Marion Cocklico

No More Nappies encourages children to ditch the diapers and use the potty instead. The book follows two toddlers by the name of Mo and Millie. Both Mo and Millie want to start using the potty. The book talks about the ups and downs they face while they transition from using diapers to using the potty. No More Nappies is an award winning book that has won Best Baby Book award for books for 0 to 2 year old toddlers.

There are hundreds of other books in the market that talk about potty training. Each book has a unique and different style which makes for an amazing read. These books are easily accessible and are available at a reasonably low price range.

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